Anagama Workshop
From November 6th to 12th 2019

Unique wood firing experience in a traditional Japanese kiln.

ICAF Sasama 5th edition
From November 1st to 4th 2019

67 artists form 21 countries came to Sasama to share their knowledge and show their works.

Autumn festival
October 27th 2019

Sasama's Kagura group performed for the autumn festival.

Summer festival
August 14th 2019

A nice event to enjoy local culture such as food, summer festival dance, fireworks and of course spending some time to

Hotaru Matsuri
From June 7th to 16th 2019

Come to see Sasama's fireflies, sit in front of the river and take you time watching them flying.

Sakura tour
From March 30th to 31st 2019

Enjoying the cherryblossoms blooming, trying wood works, picking mountain vegatables, watching Kagura performances.


Autumn festival
October 28th 2018

Sasama's Kagura group performed for the autumn festival.

Otakar Sliva's workshop
From October 25th to 27th 2018

Learnng about paperclay technique and raku firing with the Aurian ceramist Otakar Sliva.