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Sasama is a small village nestled in gorgeous nature in Shizuoka prefecture. The population is about 400 people and has an aging of 60%. As a lot of countryside places, they are facing a decreasing of population.

Despite this issue, this place has a lot to offer. Without any shop in the village, locals are self-sufficient.

Beside a beautiful nature, local culture is anchored and the daily is peaceful.


Among mountains, river, tea fields and forest Sasama’s nature is incredible. Landscapes are like Japanese old paintings. On rainy days the fog hides partially the mountains. During autumn maples leaves change colors. Cherry blossoms blooms when spring comes. Any day is a unique scene.


Not only the nature but also culture and knowledge are unbelievable. The traditional Japanese culture still has a good place in their daily life. Making sandals, practicing meditation, working the wood, performing Kagura (Shinto dance), making handmade soba or miso, etc.


All those things which starts to be forgotten locals continues it.


Their wish is to transmit it to not lose this precious knowledge.

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It is said that "wabisabi" is the origin of Japanese spirit. Its meaning changed through years and has couple interpretations possible but the general idea is the same.

“Wabi” refers to a way to express appreciation for the beauty in the elegance of simplicity.

“Sabi” describes the beauty of the impermanence aging.

“Wabisabi” is living in the now and finding satisfaction in our lives, appreciate the imperfections, simplicity and impermanent.


Through Wabisavillage, you can experience this lifestyle. Become a part of Sasama community. Learn from local typical Japanese culture.


Find in Sasama your second hometown.

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