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Rich nature

Sasama is a mountain village surrounded by river, forests and tea fields.
During the rainy season of summer, throughout the autumn, all along the winter and at spring time, the nature will show you a gorgeous landscape each single day.

Blessings from nature

With the great nature of Sasama, no doubt that delicious plant will grow. Green tea and shiitake are the main productions. If you want to experience this locals will be happy to have extra hands. If it’s the season, go around for a walk to pick mountain vegetables. Locals will teach you how to cook it.

Village's culture

From locals you can learn Japanese traditional culture they preciously transmit form a generation to the next. Making your own Japanese sandals, chopsticks, miso or else with them. Come to enjoy local events. Fireflies in June, summer festival in August and during autumn and spring festival, watch Sasama’s Kagura (Shinto dance) group performing.

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