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Making nuno zori

Nuno Zori are rice straw sandals with fabric straps that used to be typical outdoor footwear in Japan.

In the 21st century, they are often made of kimono fabric and are considered indoor wear. Charming and attractive in a homespun way, they are both comfortable and cute.

Cooking class

Join a fun Japanese home-style cooking class. Learn traditional cooking with local and seasonal vegetable and enjoy chatting with a local while cooking.

The recipe will be different by season.

Zazen (Meditation)

Calm your inner tumult and find your inner peace with the practice of zazen at Tofukuji Temple. About 30 mins meditation session, you will be urged to suspend all judgmental thinking and let ideas, words, images and thoughts flow through your mind without dwelling on them.

Japanese green tea lesson

Discover the Sasama Green Tea.
Learn not only how to make your own perfect of Japanese tea but also basic knowledge of Japanese Green Tea from tea farmer. Moreover, you can visit tea field or tea factory and see how the process of making green tea.